Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mama Africa - Touristy but Worth a Trip

Mama Africa is one of those places some may turn their nose at for being touristy but we are after all tourists, let's indulge :)

While in Cape Town, I felt a little cheated initially. The food I'd been eating didn't seem unique to the region. You know basically western. Hey aren't we in Africa? So anyway I was pretty pleased to hear about Mama Africa. Springbok here I come!

We ordered a platter which had a sampling of game meats (kudu, ostrich, crocodile, springbok). My favorite was the crocodile which tasted like a cross between fish and chicken? The taste of the game meats were really strong and I didn't enjoy it as much. Though I later had kudu and ostrich at other restaurants and they tasted better. We also got a potato salad with biltong (South African version of jerky)that's in the photo below.

There's a live band playing and a bar area where you can hang out and meet fellow tourists or locals. The members of the band are young (I was like what's this kid doing here?) but very talented! I loved the music and singing. They also sell CDs of their work.

Mama Africa
178 Long St
Cape Town 8001
South Africa
+27 21 424 8634

Chomp Meter: Don't miss this spot! A good place to try South African specialties. Not the best preparation but serves its purpose. Because they are so popular with tourists, reservations are highly recommended! The restaurant is on Long Street where all the bars are so you can take a walk around too.

(Note though that the area feel kinda seedy but because it's touristy there are lots of cops around)

(Photo courtesy of Yahoo Travel)



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