Thursday, September 18, 2008

Reuben's Review (South Africa)

I called Le Quartier Fracais, some say the best restaurant in South Africa, to make reservations about 2 weeks in advance but was unable to get a table. My indecisiveness to blame again.

In any case all was not lost. We ended up going to Reuben's which is right across the street and had no regrets! The environment here is more casual and so are the prices. The story behind the chef is an interesting one since he had essentially no formal training. This shows in the dishes he whips up because they are very unique and unlike what we've tried elsewhere.

The menu had heavy Asian influence. We started with a peking duck salad and a calamari. For mains, P got the lamb (why does lamb outside the U.S. taste better?)and I got a chicken curry. The curry was really spicy, I liked it! Curries are quite popular in South Africa since they have a relatively large Indian population. I just wish I remembered the complete descriptions but it's been a while since the trip.

The portions were so large that we skipped dessert. I never skip dessert! Booo

Peking duck salad:

Lamb (L) My Chicken Curry (R)

Chomp Meter
: Reuben's serves good food that's creative. The portions are hearty and the prices are reasonable. What's not to like? This is a great option too if you aren't in the mood for a tasting menu meal at Le Quartier Francais.

Reuben's Restaurant
19 Huguenot Street
Franschhoek, South Africa
Phone: 021 876 3772

(Reuben's is in the middle of town, and quite easy to find.)



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