Tuesday, July 15, 2008

News Cafe - Internet at Last!

News Cafe is another popular chain in South Africa. Apparently they also have stores in Nigeria and Botswana. What I like about News Cafe is that they have internet access and is also open late.

The internet access is not well publicized so you have to ask one of the staff about it. They will give you a card with a passcode which you can use to access the web on from laptop. Each card is good for about 10M of data. Internet access is expensive in South Africa.

Here's the inside of a typical News Cafe. (Photo courtesy of getawayafrica.com):

Chomp Meter: Decent place to stop by for coffee or breakfast or whenever you need to use the internet! They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Typical American type fare. I've only had the breakfast before.

News Cafe locations in Cape Town (Western Cape):

Artscape Theatre
Phone: 021 410 9852
Artscape Theatre, DF Malan Dr, Foreshore

Century City
Phone: 021 551 2225
The Coliseum, Century Way

Cape Town Int.
Phone: 021 934 1341
International Arrivals

Phone: 021 434 6196
Exhibition Building, Main Road

Table View

Phone: 021 557 6336
1 Beach Boulevard, Tableview



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