Saturday, September 20, 2008

Sushi / Japanese Restaurants in Capetown

So sushi is extremely popular in Cape Town. Who would have known! Almost all restaurants offer it, most commonly as an appetizer.

As a sushi snob, I found that the quality of the sushi is not as good as you would get in the U.S. or Asia. The fish is very fresh, but the cuts are not done right. Here's a brief review in general of the restaurants I ate at. If you only have a few days in Cape Town, don't bother with the sushi. Anyway I don't think Cape Town is known for its sushi.

Tank Review

This restaurant is in the recently developed Cape Quarter. It has several restaurants situated in a courtyard and the ambience is nice on a summer's evening.

Tank was more about being seen then the food. The restaurant is interestingly decorated with large fish tanks at the front of the restaurant. The food was somewhat expensive and average. We should have tried one of the other restaurants in the courtyard instead.

The Tank Restaurant | Sushi Bar
Cape Quarter, Cape Town
Phone: 021 419 0007

Benkei Sushi Review
I found this description on Oaktreelodge website.

"In fact, on his recent trip to South Africa, world-renowned chef, Nobu Matsuhisa, rated Benkei Cape Town as one of the top Japanese restaurants in town. Benkei is well supported and very popular amongst lovers of Japanese cuisine. "

They must be kidding right? Anyway I suppose it is "best" in Cape Town and Nobu is rather last year. We went to Benkei it was really just OK. The restaurant wasn't very crowded. I had the chirashi and some sushi. There is also a sushi buffet some evenings if that is your thing.

Benkei Sushi
Shop 3
Paramount Place
105 Main Road

Minato Japanese Restaurant Review
This warrants a longer discussion. Click on the link for my review.

Willoughby & Co.

This restaurant at the V&A waterfront has gotten some raves for its sushi. I haven't tried it so I can't really comment.



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