Friday, November 7, 2008

Liou's Chinese Restaurant Review

Location: Milpitas, CA (South Bay)
Specialty: Pre-ordered Dishes- Stuffed Duck, Honey Ham, Winter Melon Soup

A mini road trip was in order for the gran-ma's birthday. P interned in Milpitas many summers ago and I had fond memories of eating at the Asian restaurants there. You have to understand that I was quite the deprived child then, being in North Carolina for school. So anyway we decided that Milpitas would be a good place to get some Chinese food. I also called ahead to pre-order the stuffed duck which is their specialty.

Inside Liou's. Many tables for large parties:

Much to my annoyance, the restaurant LOST my order for the stuffed duck so they never made one for our table. URHGK!! In the end the manager offered us an extra honey ham instead (this also needs to be pre-ordered). Doesn't quite make up for it, but I suppose it was better than nothing at all.

Honey Ham (L); Fresh Whole Fish (R)

The honey ham was unique. The dish is served with thinly sliced bread so you can make "ham sandwiches". Kinda like peking duck. Pretty good I say. We also ordered stir fried peapod stems, a whole fish, lions head meat balls, corn and spinach soup, and a fried noodle dish.

Since it was the gran-ma's birthday, they served also served us some longevity buns on the house as dessert. Certainly a nice gesture. The buns themselves weren't too tasty, maybe they are the pre-frozen ones from Ranch 99 hehee.

Lions Head Meatballs (L); Longevity Buns (R)

Chomp Meter:

Certainly a good authentic Chinese restaurant. I would like to try some of the other pre-order dishes in future (assuming they don't forget my order! hehe).

Liou's House Chinese Restaurant
1245 Jacklin Rd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 263-9888

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